The Chainsmokers collaborate with Tritonal for “Until You Were Gone”

Every now and then there comes around one song which takes the cake. And what a treat it would be if it were a bit of an American potpourri consisting of Enhanced head honchos Tritonal and the trailblazing duo of The Chainsmokers?

Well, that is exactly what has happened here. The heavyweights combine to create ‘Until You Were Gone’, which unsurprisingly turns out to be one of the hottest Progressive House tracks this time of the year. Combining together with singer/songwriter Emily Warren, the whole setting is just perfect and the song showcases aspects of all its creators.

Mellow tunes and the brilliantly written and performed vocals from Emily Warren kick off the track in an absolutely mesmerizing manner only to be guided the slow and steady build up to the massive drop that awaits. Showstopping melody and beat-work from the American collaborators, the song is typical main stage material. It just goes to show that the Chainsmokers are going to control their spree and that Tritonal are, as the Chainsmokers themselves said, “unbelievable”.

Out for iTunes here.

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