Check Out These 5 Previews from Porter Robinson’s ‘Worlds’ Remix Revamp

Recently, there has been a lot of commotion among the Electronic Music camp regarding the announcement made by Porter Robinson. The Electronic superstar announced a full revamp of his 2014 ‘Worlds’ album with 12 remixes, a remix for each track from the album. Without wasting any more time, let us move on to some of the previews that we could dig out from the Internet. We also talked about the album announcement here, so feel free to check out the remaining songs from the upcoming release.


Official Artwork – Worlds Remixes


Sad Machine (Deon Custom Remix)

First up is Monstercat artist Deon Custom’s take on Sad Machine. With Sad Machine being a hit from the album when it was released, the artist had huge responsibility on his shoulders to do justice to the song. And so he does, in his own special way. (Second Track in the set. Recorded from Porter Robinson’s set at CIVIC Underground 2014)

Flicker (Mat Zo Remix)

On the second step we have the magical and musical genius that Mat Zo is, taking on yet another hit from the 2014 album. This time around it is Flicker. Mat Zo twists and turns the song around till it only retains only the basics from the original, with the track sounding astoundingly different.

Fresh Static Snow (Last Island Remix)

Last Island takes on Fresh Static Snow from the 2014 album and transforms it so as to give it another perspective. With chirpy sounds and ecstatic melody, this one is surely to be a big one from the Worlds remix revamp.

Lionhearted (Point Point Remix)

The remixing duty for Lionhearted was given to Point Point. The Quartet of French based producers combine the vocals from the original and add their own sweet French House twist to it, a track worthy of clapping along with. Be sure to play this around campfires!

Polygon Dust feat. Lemaitre (Sleepy Tom Remix)

Last in this edition of “leaks” from the remix revamp is Sleepy Tom’s take on Polygon Dust from the Worlds album. Giving new life to the track, the producer from Canada takes the song to another interesting dimension. This time around the “drop” is worth watching out for. Makes you shake! (First track in the Pillowcast Set below)

Don’t forget to comment in case you find some other remixes from the album!

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