Deadmau5 gets bombarded with glowsticks during show

Deadmau5 is renowned for his anti-PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) behavior and opinions. Speaking of opinions, the American’s opinion on the term “EDM” or fellow headlining DJs isnt in short supply either, with his stance on nearly every industry-related topic well known and and very clear.

A video uploaded by Fantastical Gamer gives Deadmau5 a taste of his own medicine – which brings a bit of contentment to our life. As if the balance tables are final level.

At a recent show Deadmau5 was bombarded with an arsenal of glow sticks in the middle of his set. After taking off his iconic helmet, fans in the crowd began throwing even more glow sticks at the DJ as he was disk jockeying:

“Fucking stop throwing glow sticks at me!!!” 

After asking the crowd to stop – in only the polite way Deadmau5 would – the barrage’s intensity only increased. The onslaught of PLUR inspired glow sticks continued to rain down on one of social media’s most infamous trolls; making even harder not to feel slightly satisfied that the trolling has been fired back. Even if it ruins the set by distracting Joel mixing tracks mid-set.

In true Deadmau5 form however, he proceeds to ask the crowd to ‘get it out of their system’ and taunts them to throw even more at him. Which resulted in only one thing – a flurry of brightly coloured glow sticks in beautiful harmony.

You can watch the mania beginning after 4 minutes in the below video.

Source: YourEDM

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