Dirty South Spins ‘City Of Dreams’ And ‘Find A Way’ Live

Dirty South has become renowned for going beyond the confines of the electronic music genre, and touching the reaches of live instrumental music – music riddled with emotion, melody and power.

One of his most recent hits left an indelible mark on the industry. With vocals that complement the existing uplifting atmosphere and lyrical themes and synths that ride high on the warmth radiated, ‘Find A Way’ is one of the few pitch perfect tunes out there. To add to the accolades, Dirty South recreated the track with live instruments to shatter a prevalent attitude towards producers of EDM – “producers are not talented, just rich enough to hire a ghost.” Its only fair that the Serbian be credited for his prolific talent and flair for acoustic creation, where small tweaks and adjustments to digitally produced tracks perfectly culminate in a distinctive manner.

Catch the acoustic version here.



Get low when the whistle blow.