Disclosure teams up with Sam Smith for the next James Bond film theme

After many weeks of speculation, we’ve finally received confirmation of the artists that will be paired with Sam Mendes’s upcoming film ‘Spectre‘.

Sam Smith and Disclosure has officially confirmed on their Twitter account they will be the next Bond singers. With their dark, sultry vibe and timeless reputation, it takes a true artist to carry the torch through each new installment. Their common workflow “Omen” has already proven itself to be legendary that’s why their new collaboration “Writing’s On The Wall” is highly expected.

The James Bond theme songs always represent a desired spot in the music industry because it’s a true asset in your musical career. Last time, Adele took the mic for “Skyfall” and sang an Oscar-winning performance of the same name.

Smith has announced that their track, “Writing’s on the Wall,” has already been recorded and is set for an official release on September 25th. The track isn’t available yet, but you can pre-order it here.

‘Spectre’ is expected to open in theaters in the United States on November 6th.