Jeremy Olander – Hanover EP

Jeremy Olander is renowned for his progressive house and techno talents. Which makes it even more satisfying that one of Eric Prdyz’ long-time prodigy’s has just released a new EP. Because there’s something about finding the lesser known and equally as good music that makes the listening ever-more sweeter. The 27-year-old Swede is another one from the Pryda and Swedish house music pipeline who can’t seem to do much wrong. One of Eric Prydz’ most promising and successful students, the techno house ‘Hanover’ EP continues to demonstrate the man’s heavenly musical touch.

Opening with “Hanover”, the 125bpm acts as a foundation for a transcending sound arrangement. With each track lasting over 7 minutes a piece, application to the build up has been as considered as the progression, making it all the more amazing. With a dynamic chordal fading of the melody, base layers synchronize with light FX to create an atmosphere that takes you away from your reality and into a deeper, more-thoughtful surrounding. Calming yet uplifting.

“Lunar” is the next track in the EP. Carrying a more melody driven basis, the long synths and varying layers help culminate the track towards a deeply energized progression. With yet another calming but uplifting mood-setter, Olander seem’s to have found a ‘sweet-spot’ during the EP’s production. One we wouldn’t mind finding either.

Rounding out the EP is “Exchange”, a near-8 minute track that reminds us of Eric Prydz’ alias’ Cirez D and Pryda. The paced energy within “Exchange” see’s layers introduced and fade out, taking our ears on a little journey across a sound spectrum. With its busy background layers and slow chords the track and Jeremy Olander seem to emphasize that techno house can be just as satisfying as progressive house, even with their subtle differences.

Jeremy Olander’s ‘Hanover’ EP is available today on Beatport

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