Kristian Nairn, also known as Hodor from Game Of Thrones, unveils his follow up single entitled 4Love

Hodor unveils his new track ‘4Love’

Kristian Nairn, also known as Hodor from Game Of Thrones, unveils his follow up single entitled ‘4Love’ featuring the vocals of emerging electronic artist Salt Ashes. Following his highly successful debut single, ‘Up/Beacon Kristian Nairn doubles down with his new single, ‘4Love.

This tune is a huge house disco-flavored anthem. It’s a reminiscent of 90’s house music with its heavy synths, soaring vocals and that joyous piano line. ‘4Love’ sees Nairn continue to build on his burgeoning production career. The new single comes with progressive house remixes from remixers MARAUD3R, Tonekind, and KC Anderson.

Excited to share his second solo release with the world, Nairn says: “This is my second solo release. This time I had the privilege to work with the wonderful Salt Ashes.  I absolutely love the tone of her voice and I think it adds a very special edge to the track.  Writing with Salt Ashes was such an effortless process because she has such a great feel for this type of track. We already have three great remixes and a few more coming.

Kristian Nairn will bring his live DJ set to New York City’s Hard Rock Café in Times Square on October 9th to kick off New York’s Comic Con.

This track is available on iTunes.

Track listing:
1.    4LOVE (feat. Salt Ashes)
2.    4LOVE (feat. Salt Ashes (MARAUD3R Remix)
3.    4LOVE (feat. Salt Ashes) (Tonekind Remix)
4.    4LOVE (feat. Salt Ashes) (KC Anderson Remix)
5.    4LOVE (feat. Salt Ashes) (Single Edit)