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While the pandemonium of  TomorrowWorld's

Kaskade courageously confronts TomorrowWorld chaos

Home Uncategorized Kaskade courageously confronts TomorrowWorld chaos

While the pandemonium of  TomorrowWorld’s 3rd day has unraveled all over social media sites covering the fans perspective of the event, it seem’s the artists opinion on the matter isn’t that far off either. While not all of the headliners have commented on the matter, Kaskade is certainly the one publicly condemning the festival the most bluntly. And it’s sort of refreshing…

While he did not go into any great depth regarding his own situation, his perspective on the thousands of fans suffering is certainly evident. Which made Marketing and New Media Manager of Ultra Music Festival, Albert Berdellans, not too happy, voicing his concerns about “making the scene look bad” by spreading the story to his fan base – a wider audience a Media Managers best or worst nightmare. Which makes Kaskade’s response even better…


Which in turn highlight’s a wider issue of a ‘sweeping it under the rug’ mentality and its impact on the public perception and knowledge of an event or industry. A transparent one may not create the most popularity, but it creates the most respected one. One based on purer principles than profit driven incentives. And surely that is better in the long run. And with the festival scene ever growing, showing there’s more to a situation than just music, dancing and smiles is vital to it’s survival. Because inevitably it will implode otherwise, something Kaskade seems to hint at.

Not to take anything away from the first 2 days of the festival, which were arguably some of the best TomorrowWorld has had since it began. But Kaskade’s sincere response highlights a wider need for seriousness sometimes. Even in an entertainment industry.

Source: YourEDM

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