Kaskade releases new album “Automatic”

The moment has finally arrived – the legendary Kaskade has finally released his brand new, highly anticipated album ‘Automatic’, and it features some huge new solo tracks as well as collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry. This is the American’s 9th studio album, and Kaskade himself describing it as “[his] most diverse album, chapter 9 of my story.”

The opening track of the album, ‘We Don’t Stop’, has a new and refreshing vibe to it, and, like much of the album, was premiered during weekend 1 of Coachella. Kaskade combines some nice electric guitars and Indie synths together to create a unique track that, despite these sounds, still has a solid dance feel it.


In the album’s second track, Kaskade teams up with CID to bring us this majestic track entitled ‘Us’. The break is simply stunning, through its infectious vocals and powerful chords, it leads us to the electric drop where the futuristic synths take over to create a groovy vibe.


Up next is Kaskade’s collaboration with the mighty Galantis entitled ‘Mercy’. This one has a more of a progressive feel to it, and you can really hear Galantis’ unique touch to the track. With some atmospheric vocals and beautiful piano melodies, the track also features some nice chopped vocals at the drop and is arguably one the most unique and complete songs on the LP.


The fourth track on the album, ‘Tear Down These Walls’, features vocals from Tamra Keenan, and has a real funky feel to it. It again infuses the piano with some deep synths, and with the addition of kicks, cymbals and claps, makes for some really easy listening.


‘Phoenix’ is a track that shows how much magic can be created from the simple combination of a piano and a kick drum. It isn’t your typical dance track, but it has some real soul and life to it. Sasha Sloan is on vocal duties for this one, and does an impressive job.


‘Disarm You’, which was one of the album’s early releases, is a genre-infused masterclass. Using a progressive house format, the track’s orchestral introduction and scattered elements of future house brings a certain richness. With a punchy kickbass, the melody takes a more humble form, letting the vocals and future house drums come from the middle to the treble. An empowering instrumental drum sequence, busy guitar strings and harmonic backing vocals, it carries a deep, driving energy.


Next up we have the massive ‘Never Sleep Alone’, which has been killing it at festivals all summer long. With its chilling vocals during the break, the future house drop creates a seriously groovy drop that we already know will go down perfectly on the dancefloor.


The eighth track of the album, entitled ‘Day Trippin” features vocals from Estelle, and has a classic disco house sound to it. With its catchy bassline, which is reminiscent of Modjo’s  classic ‘Lady Hear Me Tonight’, this funky track has a real feel-good vibe it, and will go down perfectly at a summer pool party.


Once again we hear the deeper side of Kaskade on the album, as he collabs with vocalist K.flay to bring us ‘Promise’. It is a perfect blend of the old and new Kaskade, as we hear elements of ‘Fire and Ice’ combined with the sensual vocals and deep synths.


Sticking with deep house again for this one, Kaskade brings us ‘Breaking Up’ together with Scott Shepard’s vocals. This track has a haunting energy to it, with its dark plucks and and groovy beat. This is a track that will build atmosphere and intensity on the dancefloor.


Up next we have Kaskade’s enormous collaboration with John Dahlback, entitled ‘A Little More’. Most Kaskade fans will be familiar with this track from when it was released some months ago, and the track has been a regular in Kaskade’s sets over the summer months. The huge supersaws at the drop are combined with the electric bass to create a massive sense of euphoria. Combine this with the chilling vocals, and you have a track that will work perfectly when played at the peak time of a set.


Similar to the opening track of the album, Kaskade’s collab with Two Nations, ‘Papercuts’, also has an Indie/Rock vibe, as we are treated to guitar riffs and drums throughout, with the addition of some classic dance plucks and arps later in the track.


In the penultimate track of the album, Kaskade again teams up with Tamra Keenan in ‘Where Are You Now’, to bring us a chilled track that features some nice harmonic, atmospheric pads as well as a catchy beat and bass plucks.


The album concludes with ‘Whatever’ together with KOLAJ’s beautiful vocals, and he arguably saves the best for last. This track again creates a sense of euphoria, but not in the typical ‘festival banger’ way that we usually expect. Through the combination of guitar riffs, harmonic chords, and sliding leads, we can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction after listening to this glorious track. A perfect concluding track for this diverse album.


Kaskade’s ‘Automatic’ is available for purchase now.