Knife Party teases delayed EP details

Knife Party claimed over 8 weeks ago their new album, ‘Trigger Warning’, would be released within 6 to 8 weeks. It seems someone didn’t check their calender’s…

In all fairness LP release dates are rarely in the control of artists, with many pushed back for a whole range of reasons spanning from ill-health to similar sounds being in the charts at the time. For artists it can be as much of a guessing game as it is for fans.

Word from Knife Party’s Rob Swire is simple. ‘Trigger Warning’ seems to be on the back burner, but a EP will be out “…shortly.”

While notorious for having a delayed schedule for their material, Knife Party’s repeated nature is making it a tad tiresome to say the least. Especially as their production is often some of the more creative within the genre.

To satisfy some frustrated fans eagerness to hear something new, Rob let us know one of the tracks is set to be called “PLUR Police” as well as giving insight into the type of song it is.

So while nothing tangible, and listenable as such, Knife Party are making forward steps towards giving us something new – we think. Only time will tell!

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