Luke Chable brings progressive house bliss with “Mr Gravity”

Sometimes lesser known names like Luke Chable, are the ones that bring you the most happiness when it comes to good music. Knowing there are other producer’s out there with as much talent (or more) as those dominating sales and the charts is strangely satisfying. As if we are rooting for the underdog.

Returning to the increasingly iconic Zerothree label, Luke Chable has seemingly continued his stellar form since his debut EP. A master of progressive house already, he still manages to work something magical and unique within his material. “Mr Gravity” already has high praise from Gareth Emery, Chicane and many other industry A-listers, speaking volumes of Chable’s and the Zerothree’s arsenal of tracks.

Pairing up with Johnny Dharma for the enchanting vocals, the melodic lines on top of the pure bass bring the timeless essence all music should aspire to reach. The fusion of instruments and synths rarely has a ‘classic’ vibe about it, yet Luke has pulled it off. It’s probably about time you had a listen…

You can get “Mr Gravity” today at Beatport

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