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It's not too often you

Marcio Lama & Ken Loi create a true electronic Masterpiece

Home Uncategorized Marcio Lama & Ken Loi create a true electronic Masterpiece

It’s not too often you hear Marcio Lama & Ken Loi and their tracks in the mainstream electronic music media. They are not endorsed by Beats By Dre, or Armani underwear, nor do they headline Tomorrowland or top the rich lists. But then again it’s not often you hear tracks that seem to cross genre’s in a timeless fashion, leaving you with the replay button for hours; days; weeks on end.

After a string of interaction with Tiesto through remixing one of the legends tracks, releasing tracks on Musical Freedom and even remixing Calvin Harris’ “Sweet Nothing” alongside the Dutch DJ icon for his renowned compilation Clublife Stockholm album, Ken Loi  is far from inexperienced. And seeing his latest work racking in hundreds of thousands of plays on Soundcloud, you get the sense the San Fransisco based producer is only headed in one direction.

Also known as M-L, Marcio Lama  is also one not lacking experience within the industry. The genre-hopping producer has already had a whole host of original material released reflecting his diverse abilities to curate electronic sound. Ranging from progressive house to more indie sounds, its easy to see why his remix of Jack-U’s and Justin Beiber collaboration, “Where Are U Now”, has been one of the most distinctive and popular. So it’s an understatement to say it’s understandable that the uniting of these talents, for the second time, was always going to bring about something special.

With Marcio Lama & Ken Loi opening with more of an electro house sound and beat, it makes it even more remarkable and respectable that the track culminates the way it does. Bringing in characteristics and sounds from trance and progressive house the mood “Scars” creates is only enhanced. Linking up with one of Marcio’s frequent collaborators, Binks, the trance like vocals overlay and bless the production, bringing forth the enchanting atmosphere from the electro foundation. Building with the harmonic lyrics, the tracks instrumental lead-in gives way to a high tempo progression.

Carrying with it faded chords in an extended melodic sequence, the atmosphere leaves you looking up to the sky and empowered only to come around again, overlaid with Binks’ transcending voice, with the melodic progressive not ceasing to warm the heart. Bringing back nostalgia of the trance era’s effect on its listeners, while still maintaining the energy of a progressive house track, “Scars” wraps up the way its vibe started, through an electro house break down.

So it makes sense that Feenixpawl’s label, Eclypse Records, was more than eager to put their name alongside the pairs latest work because Marcio Lama & Ken Loi have, in simple terms, have probably created one of the finest examples of genre-fusion in 2015. And that is no small feat. Here’s hoping a third collaboration is set for the future!

“Scars” is available now on Beatport 

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