Martin Garrix gives fan the perfect gift

Martin Garrix has once again giving a reason to smile and put him at the top of most-liked DJ’s list. While we have always known he’s one of the nicest blokes in the industry, this latest act of kindness certainly takes the cake .

Martin Garrix literally just gave one lucky, die-hard fan the best gift imaginable – tickets from Garrix himself for every show he wants to visit. Not bad eh? And based on his young age, that pretty much a life times supply.

The story comes from a tweet by the fan including an image of his ‘Martin Garrix Savings’ jar alongside limited edition signed 7Up cans. Martin responded and the rest is fabled history. Check out the exchange below:

As fans ourselves, there is no doubt that if our favorite artist reached out in such a manner to offer free passes to all future events that we would be weak at knee’s to say the least, shaky with excitement, overcome with euphoria even! Big ups to Martin Garrix for proving, once again, why he is the deserving of the title ‘prince of electronic dance music’.



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