Martin Garrix has not collaborated with Oliver Heldens

While many wanted it to be the cased, maybe even some prayed for two of the hottest youngsters in the scene to join forces, it seems Martin Garrix’s “Bouncy Bob” is co-produced by a little known name instead – Justin Mylo.

While unlisted, Justin Mylo is the other half of one of the track that has created a big social storm under the unofficial rips on Youtube and Soundcloud. While a future house sound commenter’s assumed knowledge has been proven to be very wrong indeed, with Garrix himself confirming the matter:


Justin Mylo is relatively unknown in the electronic music sphere, with only 370 followers on Twitter and 1,047 followers on Facebook. Obviously, followers on social media doesn’t result in talent, but it’s a good indication of how well known you are.

However, looking back through Mylo’s Twitter, he’s definitely not a new face. He has performed at Ushuaia Ibiza and even stood on stage with Garrix at Tomorrowland earlier this year.

Which leads us to this, ‘What will Justin Mylo’s future hold?’. It’s obvious that if he’s aligning himself with Martin Garrix at this point in his career, he’s looking far into the future. And with Garrix recently leaving Spinnin’, could Mylo be the first artist on Garrix’s suspected new label? And while we have more questions than answers, it feels like a good time to suggest listening to “Bouncy Bob”…



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