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Martin Garrix will undoubtedly become synonymous with 2015 in the future. Popping up in adverts, headlining major festival, releasing exclusive tracks and conducting numerous interviews, the young (and flying) Dutchman has the world seemingly at his fingertips.

In a recent interview with MUCH at the recent Digital Dream’s event Martin Garrix started to show more of his personality. A more human side that is so easily glazed over in modern media. At a stage in his career he can look back and reflect on how far he’s come, the leading DJ seem’s to be settling into his new found stardom with grounded feet and balanced head.

Opening up about his upcoming collaborations, his experiences with working alongside his childhood icons and reflecting on the impact “Animals” had on him personally, Martin Garrix not only gives us insight into his life, but also reminds us, artists are still humans too.

Check out the interview in the video below!