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Unlike what the detractors of

Musical Talents: Hasit Nanda

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Unlike what the detractors of EDM may think, this world is also populated by real musical geniuses, and one of them is Hasit Nanda. Born and raised in Delhi, India, Hasit discovered early on that he was gifted. For him, playing the piano came naturally. At tender ages Hasit would show the flair and expertise of  a world class pianist.

Being self taught in the various arrangements and chords of the instrument, Hasit soon took to YouTube to showcase his innate talent. Starting off with playing various popular Hindi and English songs, his channel soon took a turn to exhibiting a deep rooted childhood engrossment – Electronic Dance Music.

Luckily, We Rave You got a chance to speak with the youngster. We asked him what influenced him to merge his stellar aptitude for playing piano with EDM.

“It was after a few years of my YouTube journey when I realized that I am getting no where covering Pop & Bollywood, and that there are thousands of talented people doing that already. At this time, dubstep and dance music came into my life and gave me crazy ideas. I took it up and because I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.”

Combining and coalescing his love for EDM and the piano, Nanda was soon able to earn himself a large fan base by covering hit tunes by the likes of Hardwell and Afrojack etc. His success was helped by the shares and appreciations of pianists, composers as well as DJs like Avicii, Tiesto and Martin Garrix to name a few.


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Moving from simple YouTube videos to live shows didn’t prove to be a problem. To add to his list of ever growing accolades, Hasit was recently invited to open a gig for a ‘Tribute Party For Hardwell’ at Sunburn in Bombay.

“Thanks to Hardwell, Sunburn and the whole team for believing in me and inviting me to the event. The gig went amazing. I loved my first experience and I’m definitely looking forward for more. So far, the journey has been great, riddled with ups and downs. When people tell me how my videos inspired them to buy a new piano, after giving up years ago, I feel great. This love and appreciation is what keeps me going.”

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However, the journey was not easy.

“I didn’t have a computer or even a piano to learn, practice and make videos, so I would borrow a keyboard from a school friend or practice in school in the music room while recess was going on. Id later go to a cyber cafe to upload my videos to YouTube. However, I see this as a blessing. Had my parents given me a grand piano and a Mac, I know I wouldn’t have worked hard for sure.”

Currently Nanda’s channel counts 45,000 subscribers and more than 7.5 million views. To Hasit, a flourishing channel is everything.

“I have a healthy greed where after crossing 10k subscribers, I’d like to have 20k and so on. My aim is to grow bigger on YouTube and put out better quality videos in future.”

The internet sensation also commented on the state of EDM, piano and the combination of two.

“EDM is definitely blowing up everywhere around the globe and I think it’ll grow even more. As for my art, I’m already putting my EDM sheet music, MIDI and tutorials on the net so that people who love EDM like me can also play their favourite songs. My job is to just work hard for the love that I have for music, whatever I get out of it will always be treasured. We’ll have to wait and see what’s next for me!”

Make sure to check out Hasit Nanda and his work below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hasitnandaofficial

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Hasitnanda

Youtube: http://youtube.com/HasitNanda


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