Pep & Rash x Shermanology preview “Sugar”

Pep & Rash welcome Shermanology to the future house community with their upcoming collaboration, “Sugar”. An unlikely collaboration but the result is definitely a festival banger.

2015 has been a huge year for Pep & Rash, and now with Shermanology, they’re going to be nabbing a new range of fans from the progressive house spectrum. The venture will surely profit Shermanology as well, with the rise of future house music over the last few months; this could be the track that brings them back to the limelight.

The track is a typical vocal based future house track, with Shermanology’s Dorothy dominating most of the verse. Backed with a classic house loop and subtle piano notes, the verse ends all too quickly as a rapidly building, almost off key drop kicks in. The chorus certainly unexpected, but ideal to get ravers shuffling.

“Sugar” will be available on the 5th October