Pryda Vol III brings 10 year celebration to new level

Pryda has once again brought us elated satisfaction. This time bringing us not 4, not 6, but 12 progressive house gems. And the saying ‘saving the best till last’ has never been more appropriate.

While many artists in the industry have and are set to release albums, there’s something about Eric’s EP’s, regardless of alias, that hit a heart string and carry a timeless essence. Eric jokingly quipped that there are Vol I fans and Vol II type fans who are very different, but that Vol III would unite both of them. And while it feels like forever we’ve waited for this moment, the anticipation has been met with equal satisfaction.

Including long awaited tracks – we’re talking years here – that have now finally been released such as “Sol” and “Inox”, Vol III also includes some unheard, masterpieces. With “Bytatag”, “Night Breed” and “One Day” carrying the iconic Pryda progressive sound, there’s also slightly newer, slightly different sound emerging from his biggest alias. “Arpe” and “Bussen” bring a different, pluckier atmosphere. Refreshing to say the least.

For this, we feel the less said, the better. Because it means you get to here Pryda’s Vol III even sooner.

You can purchase and preview the tracks on Beatport today


1. One Day
2. SOL
3. Bussen
4. Border Control
5. Bytatag
7. Crossings
8. Seadweller
9. The Truth
10. Arpe
11. Frost
12. Night Breed

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