Relive Swedish House Mafia’s best set from Madison Square Garden

Swedish House Mafia‘s legacy will live on for decades, centuries even. It will forever part of the folklore and history of the electronic dance music movement. And while some may be getting a little tired of us reveling in the past and ‘not letting go’ of Swedish House Mafia, there’s some thing’s that can’t get old and never cease to leave us in awe.

The Swedish trio’s set from Madison Square Garden is one of these things. While fans, critics and artists rave about big sets throughout the year, there are levels of quality. And it’s those that can still enthrall and capture the audience 3 years on that have the most pursued quality of all sets – timelessness.

You can skip to any part of the 2 hour set and not be underwhelmed. From its opening sequence to it emphatic finale it’s hard to put your finger on what makes it to special exactly. Obviously its context is a big aspect of it – selling out Madison Square Gardens is a feat very few others have accomplished in the industry. But purely based on its music, its tracklist, its overall composition, is what gives it the edge over their many others.

While their set at Ultra Music Festival in 2013 was their final one during their “One Last Tour”, you get the feeling their headlining performance in New York on 1st December 2011 is one where they truly reached their pinnacle. There’s something about their tone of voice, the mixing and order of tracks that gives it a rounding anthemic atmosphere. A jubilation of emotion.

And while many will have their own personal favourite Swedish House Mafia memories, even Axwell, Ingrosso and Angello themselves maybe, as a name, a group, their Madison Square Garden set has to to up their competing for the number one position.

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