Sebastian Ingrosso & Refune Donate to help Refugees

Currently thousands of people are desperately fleeing conflicts in their homes in Africa and Syria (among other countries in the middle-east) in search of safety within Europe. Sadly the Road to Europe and the dangerous journeys across The Mediterranean Sea and land leave thousands of dead or injured victims behind. But those refugees that do manage to complete the journey to the European borders are soon met by hostile police and military closing the passage to Europe and safety, leaving many stranded in a no man’s land without any proper supplies.However there are a few countries that are more welcoming to the refugees, offering food, water and shelter but most importantly a sanctuary to those in need.

Every day thousands of more refugees arrive, and supplies are being drained in the refugee camps and shelters spread across Europe. To help out with resources and supplies, millions of people together with companies and artists alike have already started to donate what they can.

Today Sebastian Ingrosso and his label Refune became the latest addition to the ever growing list of donators, and have just announced that they will be donating ALL royalties earned via Spotify for a one month period to aid the Swedish Red Cross in support of their work for the refugees.

Please show your love to Sebastian Ingrosso, Refune, but more importantly YOUR fellow humans of the world who need YOUR help in these dark times, and make sure to tune in to Refune on Spotify.

Read Sebastian Ingrosso and Refune’s statement below:

For more information about the crisis, visit your local Red Cross website/office. Svenska Röda Korset

Posted by Refune Music on Wednesday, 23 September 2015