Sony lays the hammer on Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis has been having quite possibly his best year to date. With the release of his new EP ‘This Mixtape is Fire’ that crushed the iTunes dance chart, as well as headlining EDM mecca’s like EDC Las Vegas, and Tomorrowland. Recently, Dillon Francis premiered his brand new remix for Madeon’s “Imperium” on a special 2 hour BBC Radio 1 Essential mix as part of the Diplo & Friends residency. Yet again creating an absolute tune that generated some major hype within the elecronic scene.

Unfortunately, music giant Sony was not pleased with the fact that Dillon uploaded the remix to Soundcloud for all of our listening pleasure. Sony ordered a take-down of the track, for no other reason than greed of course. Dillon took to twitter stating in a now deleted tweet:

“It has nothing to do with Madeon… Sony owns the music and wants to make money off it therefore the takedown” – Dillon Francis

This is all to common in the world of corporate music greed, to the point where it no longer surprises us. It has become increasingly common that artists are actually avoiding major labels for that very reason alone. Luckily, if you didn’t get a chance to hear it, you can still find it on Youtube, where they actually pay royalties to the labels for our benefit.


Source: EDMTunes