Steve Angello & Calvin Harris embark on TV roles

Even with the DJ movie ‘We Are Your Friends’ featuring Zac Efron plummeting at the box office, the end to putting the electronic music industry in video form is far from over. US TV networks CW and CBS are putting a new TV drama about the EDM into production, interestingly called ‘The Drop’. Created by well-known TV producer R.J.Cutler alongside one of the scenes more seasoned and iconic figures, Steve Angello.

Set in the “sexy, nonstop world of Miami’s electronic dance music scene”, the plot synopsis follows the story of a “DJ teetering on the edge of ruin who finds hope (and more) in a gifted protégé who is female and African-American”.

Steve Angello’s role is formally as the executive music producer, implying the soundtracks and background music should be anthemic at the very least. However, we’re going to have to wait a fair while until the show releases as its only just started it’s production. So sit tight for now!

In the meantime, it’s also important to note HBO’s are getting in the action, with a upcoming dance music comedy ‘Higher‘. Announced early last year, it was also joined by information of its scriptwriters. Legendary ‘Trainspotting’ author, Irvine Welsh, is  set to deliver the script-writing duties while fellow Scottish-born Calvin Harris is consulting with the show. Likely in a similar role as Steve Angello. Jay-Z is also set to have an executive role for the show.

So it seems the EDM hype is only getting bigger, begging the question, will it ever end?


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