Steve Angello’s wonderboy Dimitri Vangelis stands up for musical authenticity

It’s very often that we see the media highlight those that are revolutionary in their take on EDM and how their styles and contributions are changing the mainstream; Artists like Skrillex and Diplo are two, for example, that have exploded onto the mainstream with their innovative sound. Dimitri Vangelis, however, decided to address a more and more common trend in EDM; the music all sounding the same. With the discovery of more and more new artists comes the increasing possibility for music to sound the same, which is exactly what is upsetting a lot of producers.

A lot of producers make it big and use the momentum of their success to release tracks that sound similar because the first release was popular and Dimitri Vangelis feels he needs to re-inspire people and remind them to stay true to themselves and keep authentic with music. One or two really good records will 100% of the time trump eight or nine tracks that sound exactly the same.

Vangelis addresses in a release of tweets what he thinks is wrong with the direction some artists/labels take with respect to music production. A lot of big room and Electro house music is starting to sound very similar, and it starts to make what was once music into electronic noise.

A lot of the time, you get extremely talented artists finding themselves very successful, but as Vangelis points out, “people leave the fundamentals behind as soon as they reach some kind of success”.

It’s interesting to put success into perspective as well which is part of the point Vangelis is trying to address. Are you successful if you’re reaching out to a smaller fan base but the music is original and authentic, or is it when you’re signed to a big label and making 5 tracks over 2 months that all sound very similar to generate large profit margins? Comment below what you think, but We’re still supporting authenticity, passion and talent over selling out.

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