Thomas Gold & Deniz Koyu – Never Alone

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The history of Thomas Gold & Deniz Koyu‘s ‘Never Alone’ dates all the way back to Mysteryland 2013. First premiered a two years ago by Thomas Gold at this show, it was rumoured to be a release on Swedish icon Axwells label ‘Axtone’. Soon, Adrian Lux added to the confusion by revealing a track with the same vocal arrangements. For the weeks to come rumours kept surrounding the track – is it going to be a remix for Adrian Lux’s “Torn Apart” or tossed to the trash?

Now, finally, after 2 long years, we can confirm that ‘Never Alone’ has found its home at Protocol Records. Produced by Thomas Gold & Deniz Koyu, this one has definitely been worth the wait.

For their latest release, the team have once again delivered music that makes you feel – music that wraps you with a warm buzz. With melodic synths and euphoric chord progressions that leave you feeling fuzzy all over, the track creates a tranquil atmosphere in which you can just lose yourself. As the tune takes shape, so does its bass – the track comes alive when a roaring progressive drop is delivered.

Available 12th October.

Get low when the whistle blow.