Tom Swoon vs. Ale Q & Sonny Noto – Alive

What a year it has been for Tom Swoon, following his massive remixes of “Verge” and “Last Soldiers”, he is back with a brand new track, “Alive” – a collaboration with Ale Q & Sonny Noto. As his previous work has shown us, Tom Swoon truly mastered the progressive house genre. His signature aggressive, unrelenting build-up serves as a perfect lead up to the intense drop.

Breaking in the track with enchanting vocals, Tom Swoon introduced a dark, ominous flare to this banger. Then hits the fast-paced, unforgiving synths, taking this track to a different level. Mark my words, this track will not become another cliché and will soon be blasted from speakers all across the world. Check it out below.

Available on September 25th.