Tommorowworld claims to be misunderstood, issues ‘heartbreakin’ apology

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The TomorrowWorld saga has been all over electronic dance music media outlets, We Rave You included. However it seems the phrase ‘lost in translation’ could be more than relevant to some of the responses towards the official response from the festival.

Coming across as defensive and dismissive, the statement given by a PR representative was originally given in Dutch, then translated to English.  And as with msot things, this was more than likely done using the fabled Google Translate. Which is when intent, meaning and tone are more often lost than maintained. While the direct translation seems direct and harsh, implying the festival was ‘sweeping fans concerns under the rug’, it’s worth noting the Ducth manner of speaking is more direct natural than the complex, contextual English language.

With the intent lost in translation, TomorrowWorld issued a heartfelt apology on Facebook earlier today, in order to wrap up the situation. Using “heartbroken” as the key word, the emotive, connected side of the TomorrowWorld theme is instilled once again. They have also set up an email,, where fans can report their frustrations, questions and stories to get a response to the festival. And it’s worth noting, Tomorrowland and it’s extended festivals have always been some of the best regarding customer service. And while there were clearly major issues on the 3rd day on the festival and a lot of misery caused, TomorrowWorld seems to trying very hard to make an amend.

Friends, We understand and hear your frustrations and disappointments in the developments at TomorrowWorld over the…

Posted by TomorrowWorld on Tuesday, September 29, 2015



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