VINAI – Techno

Italian star duo, VINAI are on a roll… of delivering badly produced tracks. “Techno”, ironically, is the name.

The track has to be one of the most poorly produced tracks we’ve heard from VINAI. Thick distorted kicks, a ‘Melbourne bounce’ bass line and a jungle-terror-esque kind of drop does not work. Mixing common trends in dance music seems to be the norm for the duo, which does not reflect originality or creativity – especially when the overall production seems to have taken less than a couple of hours to produce. Despite its unoriginal build-up, if we listen hard enough, there are still some elements of the song that can be rescued. The unfortunate truth is, it will still likely make festival goers jump & down due to its big-room drop.

“Nobody listens to Techno, now let’s go” reflect a weak, provoking lyrical effort, sampling Eminem’s legendary single, giving a negative connotation with its title “Techno” when it’s clearly a bizarre mixture of a repetitive bounce and big-room . Here’s hoping that the Italian duo will start reading the comments on their tracks, because their productions are becoming increasingly tedious. We want the best for VINAI, because good music is good for everyone. With the skills VINAI have, some creativity would go a long way to taking them to a higher, respected reputation.

“Techno” is now available on Beatport .



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