Funny or Die delivers hilarious troll of ‘We Are your Friends’

As ‘We Are Your Friends’ continues to get bashed by everyone in the EDM community and then some, Funny or Die has decided that it is to much for them not to do something to troll the film. After having the worst opening weekend in history with a mere 1.8 million in box office revenue, giving WAYF the 3rd worst box office opening weekend in history.

With Youtuber ‘Joman’ already releasing a hilarious parody trailer, Funny or Die has decided to do one of their own, but instead of creating a whole new parody trailer, they’ve changed a few very minor, but hilariously entertaining parts of the trailer. Check it out:

Apart of the parody, Deadmau5 also took a stand on social medias regarding the current EDM status and the major loss of the movie:

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