Watch KSHMR’s breathtaking debut live performance

Well, we just had it coming, didn’t we?

KSHMR, the artist name that has been on everyone’s lips this entire year is at it again but this time into a territory which was uncharted by him. Yes, as we had reported last to last month, the Indian origin artist finally performed his first ever live show in Los Angeles in the famous Fonda Theatre, which has always been a prime venue for live music and entertainment.

With the likes of Yogi and Bassjackers opening the proceedings for the much anticipated set from the Big Room hitmaker, the stage was set for KSHMR to take the crowd to another level and to show us the things he had in store for us when seeing him perform live. Special guests for the performance were Sirah for their track ‘Memories’ and Luciana ‘No Heroes’.

Of course, with so much happening within the walls of the venue, the anxiety for KSHMR fans was too much to handle. So here are some videos of the performance itself. Credit goes to the various people who recorded these!
Props to you guys!

For those who want the full tracklist, it is available here. Thanks to the guys at 1001tracklists!



H/T: The Bangin Beats

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