We Rave You Radio – Episode 6 by Shapov

One of Russia’s emerging and prolific artists, Shapov has already cemented his presence within the electronic scene with certainty. Frequently alongside heavy-weights Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, Alexander Shapovalov has produced heavily supported material even at the start of his solo career. Curating Episode 6, Shapov has raised the standard of the podcast once again, leaving it’s status in very good stead. Combining iconic vocals both new and old with a host of original and remixed material, the tracklist is stacked with established, current and upcoming names. In turn reflecting Shapov’s reputation as one of the most respected and exciting young figures in the industry.

Infused with drums, groove and melody, the riveting hour see’s its atmosphere range across the raving spectrum. Opening with his remix of “Summer Thing” alongside Meg & Nerak, the episode’s pulsating tempo is set early on, exemplified by the combination of “Say My Name” and “Triton”. Shapov then carries the first half hour through a tantalizing series of musically savvy combinations, featuring well known tracks such as “In My Mind” and “Resurrection”, alongside Kryder and Dave Winnel’s latest collaboration “Apache”, resulting in a bassy and heart-racing compilation. Effortlessly combined throughout with vocals overlays, beat fading and melodic phasing-in the young Russian demonstrates his wealth of experience and skill. Rounding out the first half with his remix of “Paradigm”, Episode 6 see’s the atmosphere settle momentarily, allowing you to briefly catch your breath before Sander Van Doorn’s “Oli Tari Ma” ignites the energy levels once again with its tribal drums helping develop the mood towards Hard Rock Sofa’s “Rasputin” and it’s invigorating tempo.

The back end of the podcast comes with a slightly softer, festival vibe, with legendary vocals and melodic sequences sending Shapov surging towards the finale. Fusing DubVision’s “Heart” with the iconic “Calling (Lose My mind)” the maestro sets a delightful lead into his remix of “Heroes” with Skidka and Axwell /\ Ingrosso’s anthemic “On My Way”. Filling the air with inspiration and emotion, Shapov curates the final minutes with a couple of his original works. Heightening senses once again, incorporating “Party People” as the penultimate track  lends itself superbly to the timeless sound of “Runic”.

Covering a spectrum of artists and sounds, the podcast’s reputation for variety is ever present. The undeniable art of Shapov’s productions and mixes is also ever present, leaving Episode 6 with a sense of completeness and full satisfaction. Tipped for even bigger things, as an individual and in collaboration with big names, Shapov’s solo career away from Hard Rock Sofa look’s set to continue its dominant momentum. And as one of the leading men of the emerging ‘Russian Mafia’ it seem’s the paths and boundaries for the young man are ever expanding, ever infinite.

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