Zedd releases “True Colors” album inspired merchandise store

Although ultimately a huge success, Zedd‘s sophomore album ‘True Colors’ served to find a balance within his artistic struggle. Combining and coalescing varying sounds and systems, the German producer was able to find himself amongst a host of ideas and rhythms.

Extending his creative input in the form of merchandise to a fan base 6 million strong, the ‘Clarity’ hitmaker has just announced the establishment of his store. With a wide range of experimentally designed t-shirts, caps and iphone covers, the store contains plenty of options for you to rep with and respect the ever changing and ever growing Zedd style.

Purchase here.

My brand new MERCH STORE is online!!!Loads of amazing new stuff!!Check it out :)! https://www.zedd.net/store

Posted by Zedd on Thursday, 3 September 2015

Get low when the whistle blow.