ZHU’s collaboration with A-Trak appears online

ZHU’s Genesis Project is slowing coming to fruition with its mysterious reveal becoming slightly more tangible. With the albums first single, “Automatic” with Alunageorge, giving fans a tantalizing taste of what’s to come, the latest ‘mystery-piece’ from ZHU has A-Trak and Keznamdi at the helm giving a lighter, Caribbean vibe.

The 90 second preview for “As Crazy As It Is” brings a certain funk to it’s sound. With heavy reggae influences, the dynamic bass helps culminate in a jazz-like mood with the modern ZHU twist. Forever amazing us with his creativity and inventiveness, this neck-rolling track is joined by black and white footage reflecting the projects colour scheme and the deeper meaning behind each artistic piece it incorporates.

With names such as Skrillex, Bone Thugs n Harmony, and Gallant all rumoured to be participating on the album project, the signs of a very diverse and soulful electronic LP are increasing by the week. To follow the project more closely and get exclusive insight’s fans can register their email at GenerationWhy.com.

Release date yet to be announced.



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