The 2015 Bottom 100 DJ’s list is finally revealed

You read that right! After 100,000 fans casted their votes, this year’s results for the Bottom 100 DJ’s list are in. The revelation of DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s is almost here and so the parody of this exact list gets a head start on unfolding which DJ’s thousands of fans have voted for (or against) them. DJ Mag’s list has been criticized over the years by many fans and producers for simply being a popularity contest instead of being a list that accurately reflects the DJ’s who fans actually like. In jest, Dada Life member Stefan Engblom created the Bottom 100 list as a joke, but things took a serious turn of events when the list went viral and continued to be cast for 3 consecutive years!

This year, David Guetta gets the nod from the fans’ votes as the #1 Bottom DJ in the world.He moves up (or down) from his #4 spot last year and takes the crown for 2015.

The satirical list included many other well-known DJ’s such as last year’s winner, deadmau5, who finished at #2 just below Guetta. Soon after the announcement on Twitter, Deadmau5 responded –

Other notable DJ’s in this year’s list are the two-time DJ Mag’s #1 DJ Hardwell, along with Martin Garrix and Dada Life who, ironically, created the list. Don’t forget about Paris Hilton and Professor Meowingtons who also finished in the top 5.

Here are the top 10 Bottom DJ’s according to the list:

  1. David Guetta
  2. Deadmau5
  3. Paris Hilton
  4. Vinai
  5. Professor Meowingtons
  6. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
  7. Hardwell
  8. Martin Garrix
  9. Dada Life
  10. DVBBS

For the complete list, click here.