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5 Tracks That Have Been Blatantly Plagiarised

In todays generation, EDM blogs and news sites flood the masses highlighting everything negative about the dance music community. If an artist were to commit questionable actions, our EDM family is sure to swallow and spit them out whole. Reigning supreme as the mother of all brazen acts, is, and rightly so, blatant plagiarism. Granted, some may argue that with the increasing blend of electronic music with pop, such instances of shameless copy-paste is inevitable. To be fair though, there are enough reasons as to why other genres would, and should, adopt EDM influences. However, sometimes, the similarities between tracks are too obvious and too obtrusive.
The following is a list of some productions which we can safely deem as flagrant rip-offs, and not just mere or unintentional coincidences.

1. Sandro Silva – Firestarter rips Jaxx & Vega – Supercharger 

How did a well reputed label like Armada miss this? The drops are IDENTICAL.

2. Bobby Rock – New Life rips Starlight (Otto Knows Remix)

Couldn’t be more obvious.

3. Nari & Milani – Triangle rips Mr. Oizo – Flat Beat

Those wubs are too similar to be true..

4. Caked Up – Jon Snow rips Deadmau5 X Dillon Francis – Some Chords (NIGHTOWLS & SPACE RACE Remix)

And this wasn’t Oscar Wylde’s first time.

5. And just to lighten the mood, pretty much every Vinai track ever is a copy of itself – Ctrl C + Ctrl V with a tad bit of restructuring.