Alesso, Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso’s collaboration still works wonders

Alesso, Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso are all hugely successful solo artists within the industry, with already a reputation for longevity, versatility and consistency. So our return to the start of 2012, to a time when the 3 Swedish powerhouses first started to play their collaboration, should be nothing but blissful.

“Eclipse (Why Am I Doing This?)” may be a track title that rings a bell for a number of you, however is more likely to leave a distant blank from your memory. While Swedish House Mafia often included the trio’s previous solo hits, the little known works of magic have been swamped by the modern momentum of the genre. Making it all the more satisfying it had return to our lives.

Very few collaboration tracks sound like each name contributed 33.3% to the production sound, with Calvin Harris’ and Alesso’s track “Under Control” with Hurts a prime example of a perfect balance between signature styles. “Eclipse (Why Am I Doing This?)” is another rare example of this. With a distinctive style and sound overall, you can’t help but feel like it could be a recent track from Refune Records or Axtone.

With a dark underbelly, the tracks grittier approach to raving starts from the outset with a looming buildup of drums. With synths, snares and dynamic siren-like and guitar sounds the tracks thick, meatier edge is blatant compared to much of the modern electronic dance music today. Indulging you ears with a varied spectrum of progressions and vocal riffs, the desire to be in the Los Angeles Studio at the time of its creation only increases.

Riddled with quality at both macro and micro scales, its easy to see why have gone on to major success in a variety of avenues. Yet we still have a yearning for more titan names to feature alongside each other in many combinations.

However, for now, sit back and take in one of the most under-appreciated works from Alesso, Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso using the link below!

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