Alex Adair – Better Man

British producer, Alex Adair, just lent his talents to a bootleg version of Leon Bridges’ track ‘Better Man’ into a dazzling display of sun-drenched sax, sliding guitars and sultry smooth vocal hooks proving he has the ability to transform a track into an astonishing tropical sound whilst maintaining the true essence of the original.
The 21 year old artist is still on a high since the release of his original track ‘Heaven’ in early August. On this bootleg, the young producer introduces the listener to the classical horns that epitomized Bridges’ stunning debut album, and embellishes the track with a unique blend of the old and new. Taking that fusion as the inspiration for his bootleg, Alex Adair steadily introduces contemporary elements to complement the original nostalgic tone. Reverbing snares combine with guitar riffs and tropical drums provide the perfect blend to get a staggering song.