Arty releases ‘Glorious’ debut album

Russian phenomenon Arty has continually impressed music lovers around the world with his ingenious melodic productions in the past few years. With the exploration of genres ranging from progressive house to pop to trance, his versatility is no secret and has secured him the utmost respect within the community. And now, we are treated to his incredible debut album, entitled ‘Glorious’, which features fourteen of the Russian’s finest productions. Arty previously tweeted that he has been working on the album for over 2 years, exploring a handful of different genres and different styles of musical ideas, and now the album has finally been released on Insomniac Records.

Through tracks such as ‘Braver Love‘, ‘Up All Night‘ and ‘Stronger‘, we hear that classic Arty sound, with some euphoric chord progressions and melodic drops. Arty experiments more with some new sounds in ‘Inertia’, which has a disco house vibe with a modern twist, whilst ‘Closer To You’ and ‘Wicked’ opt for a more electric, rock-infused house sound. ‘Young Again’ and ‘Feel Your Love’ both have a chilled summer vibe, and are the type of tracks that would be perfect for a pool party, where as ‘Last Kiss’ showcases what a gifted pianist Arty is, combining an emotional melody with a catchy beat. ‘Shadow’ and ‘Poison For Lovers’ are quite intense progressive tracks, with stuttering synths and raw snares, but in comparison, ‘Pink Roads’ is an inspiring, uplifting progressive production with some incredible chords.

As a whole, the album highlights what a diverse producer Arty has become, he is not constrained by the classic form of ‘EDM’ that we have become accustomed to hearing, and together with some incredible vocalists, has delivered a beautiful album that will be on repeat for the foreseeable future.

1. Shadow
2. Glorious feat. Blondfire
3. Braver Love feat. Conrad
4. Up All Night feat. Angel Taylor
5. Stronger feat. Ray Dalton
6. Inertia
7. Closer To You feat. Clarence Coffee Jr.
8. Last Kiss
9. Young Again feat. Bermuda Star
10. Feel Your Love
11. Pink Roads
12. Waste Your Time feat. Clarence Coffee Jr.
13. Wicked
14. Poison For Lovers

Available for purchase here.