ASTERJACKERS preview the impressive “Fear”

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Italian producers Ilias Brodolini and Matteo Mascioli have risen to become the life of a nightclub party. Having achieved resounding success for their first release ‘Extreme Rush’, and entering into the beatport charts with their second, ‘Shake’, the duo coined Asterjackers are looking to wow listeners again with their latest production ‘Fear’.

Released on Virus T Studio Records, ‘Fear‘ steps aside from your dull and run-of-the-mill progressive tracks to provide for a unique and exceptional dance floor killer. Featuring robotic vocals that sets the perfect atmosphere for a roaring techno drop, the track does just that. Lined with heavy bass, layered by a grinding electro synth and topped with a phenomenal breakdown evolution, ‘Fear’ is not to be missed.

With tracks such as this, Asterjackers are sure to earn themselves world wide recognition within no time. They have already caused a blip on the radars of Delayers, who featured the duos track on their radioshow ‘Heroes’. As it is, Asterjackers are making large strides in their artistic journey along with planning to expand their sound around the EDM scene.

For more previews and releases of their stellar material, be sure to follow Asterjackers on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Get low when the whistle blow.