Avicii opts for instruments over computers with new track

Avicii is now renowned for trying something new, something fresh, something special. And with his Youtube Channel giving us a steady stream of lyric videos for his upcoming albums track’s, we are getting the full sense of how creative the established Swede really is.

Dropping a number of releases in the days leading up to the album release date, October 2nd, it’s been a fruitful week for avid Avicii fans.

“Ten More Days” dropped yesterday and it’s already creating a flurry of excitement. With vocals from emerging British talent Zak Abel, there is little sign of Avicii’s electronic dance music background and success. With instrumental layers acting as the foundation of the track throughout, the musical talent of Tim Bergling is in full bloom. With joyous piano keys and stripped back guitar strings scattered throughout, it’s easy to forget this is by the same producer as the iconic “Levels” soundtrack. Joined by drums, light FX and a diverse range of instrumental sounds, “Ten More Days” really does tell a story of how far Avicii has come since his early days.

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