Axwell & Ingrosso call out Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike during their live concert following DJ Mag results

“We asked nobody to vote for us”

The legends themselves made a shout out to their fans, to thank them for voting for the duo without them asking anything. Axwell & Ingrosso have been standing strong for the last decade in the dance scene, and it is indeed for a reason. This year, there was no campaign at all coming from them to ask for votes on the DJ Mag polls. Nevertheless, they got their 17th spot on the list.

“Some of you guys voted for us so much, that we became number 17 without doing anything”

Then Axwell took the mic and added some fuel to the fire, making a discrete reference to Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike winning this year’s polls:

“We do fuck*ng appreciate it, because being number 17 doing nothing but your love, is so much better than to be number 1 with a lot of f*cking work, you know what I mean?”

We do get what you mean Axwell. Music speaks for itself, and not even a number 1 spot claimed with a lot of money invested in it can compare to the feelings that music gives us.

Respect to these legends, and we will be waiting for your album impatiently.

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