Axwell & Ingrosso recap their Summer 2015 in a short film

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“In 2015, the sun was shining and so were you” is what you can read in the opening of this video. Throughout this mini-film, Axwell & Ingrosso want to thank their fans for their amazing support during 2015 synthesized by their 17th place ranking on Top 100 DJ mag. The duo’s year was jam packed with releases, they gave us astonishing tracks such as ‘Something New‘, ‘On My Way‘ or ‘Sun Is Shining‘.

The video traces their Summer tour and their return to the stage as the pre-eminent force in the big room progressive game. You can follow the duo as they participate in backstage dancing before a show, or in their jet preparing their tracks. At one point, Axwell claims: “The preparation for a show is something that’s been going on for years.” He adds: “A show might be two hours but we worked that show for like 10 or 15 years.”

The film continues with their upcoming single ‘Dream Bigger‘, and a remixed violin version of ‘Sun Is Shining’ sung lustily by the public.

To sum up, the sun was shining in 2015 for Axwell & Ingrosso and they well give it back to us. Dream bigger!