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BMD Ψ FRIENDS Premiers Untitled Track from Wess & Aleksandar Galoski

Sweden-based record label, BMD Ψ FRIENDS, is now preparing for its inaugural release and has grasped the support of the one and only Avicii. The Swedish superstar unveiled an upcoming track produced by the team of Wess and Aleksandar Galoski during his recent LE7ELS podcast. Wess and Aleksandar Galoski have already released some hard-hitting tracks together such as “Lyon” and “Rock Me”. These two upcoming producers seem inseparable at this point as they bring the heat to Beat My Day this time with their brand new single.

The track consists of a Swedish-inspired progressive sound that will undoubtedly blow the roof off any clubs out there. Its addicting melody and its powerfully engaging drop bring us back to the classic progressive house tunes that we all dearly miss. Releasing such an aura of high-octane energy makes this untitled track perfect in pumping up the crowd for any dance music event. Thus, Beat My Day kicks off its new record label right with Wess and Aleksandar Galoski’s masterpiece.

According to BMD’s Soundcloud page, the track will be coming out very soon. However, the release date is yet to be confirmed.

UPDATE: The track’s title has now been revealed by none other than Hardwell, during the latest episode of Hardwell on Air: “Wess & Aleksandar Galoski – Rokavela