Calibre release major future house tune “Queen”

Calibre is a more than suitable name for the source of our favourite future house track at the moment. It’s not often a ‘complete’ future house song comes our way, with a high-calibre fusion of vocals, beat and melody.  The little-known, London-based, Calibre has emerged recently with a string of live house sessions on their Soundcloud account reflecting their deeper house roots. However it’s their latest track alongside Matt Saunoa, “Queen”, that has really caught our attention.

“Queen” reflects a balanced track, where the vocals perfectly combine with the instrumental layers. This blended impression leaves the groovy future house chords integrated within the bass line and synths. Culminating in a dynamic drop, the tracks see’s the transition towards the second round of chorus melody bring a new dimension to the song. Topped with Saunoa’s harmonic voice, the changing, blended layers are seamlessly overlaid, providing a rich and grinding dancefloor atmosphere.

Quick to prompt a massive response from it’s listeners, with support from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Uberjakd, Justin Prime and Ronnie & Wylde already, We Rave You has more than a hunch Calibre’s masterpiece will be added to your playlists very soon.


Be sure to grab your copy, available today on Ensis Records, exclusively via Beatport

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