Carnage denies ghost production rumors, Internet suggests otherwise

Chipotle gang leader – Carnage was recently called out on using ghost producers, and he is not happy about this rumor. He went on a Twitter rant after a source has claimed that the king of trap himself was partially produced by KSHMR.

Through Mat Zo Twitter debacle, a lot of heat has been focused on the A-listers, including Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto, and many more. He claimed that they are a bunch of “businessmen who exploits young talent.”

Below is his Twitter rant:

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Extremely bothered by the rumor, he explained how he started from the bottom just as any other truly talented producers and is not – will not, be a fraud that does not produce his own music.

On another note, we’ve recently found through “TheFPIA”, a Twitter organization that fights the so-called ghost-producing phenomenon and does everything to expose the fake, that Carnage’s old collaboration ‘The Underground’ was fully produced by Alvaro:

The organization also exposed an old picture of Carnage DJing in KSHMR’s house, something that raises controversy about the music producer:

Although Carnage has openly stated that he doesn’t use a ghost producer and that there isn’t any proof of it; there seems to be a budding amount of evidence that suggests otherwise. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the issue.

Source: YourEDM