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Carnage’s music production tutorial for Razer Music is creepy

For those who don’t know, Razer Music is a brand new content platform geared towards music producers. They give tips on digital music production and performance, but also features video tutorials and long-form articles about music production. And in order to assist the launch, Razer teamed up with artists like Deadmau5, Feed Me, Dyro, or Carnage to provide tutorials for the site. 

All was well and fine until Carnage’s video went public causing fans everywhere to scratch their heads in disbelief. How can a producer this successful be so clueless as to what he’s doing?

The tutorial offers a detailed view of how Carnage creates his 808s. The first thing you may notice is the cracked version of LennarDigital’s soft synth, Sylenth1 (licensed to DONTKNOWWHO), which is jokes because you would think by this point in his career he would have acquired a legitimate version rather than a cracked one but that’s not only what’s so egregious about the tutorial.

Then, he showcases his knowledge of gain staging by turning up the volume at every point in the chain. As his signal begins to clip, he remarks: “I don’t know what it does it just makes everything super louder”.

He adds: “It’s all about volume, EQing and really finding that 808 that matches with the sound that you have in the drop, or the track, or whatever you’re using that kick for, so…” he vaguely offers, with regard to how he tweaks his 808s. The resulting combination with his drums is awkward and a tad unsettling even by his standards.

To sum up, he just mostly talks about volume, as he boosts the gain wherever he can and drops in an off-key, agonizing-sounding synth melody.

It’s a bit confusing to think he could have gotten this far in his career with these techniques, but the music industry doesn’t always quite make sense. He perhaps excels in other areas of his career, such as being a public persona for example.


Watch this tutorial below. Hopefully, Razer Music’s recently featured this awesome video from Feed Me on how to create a bass patch in Serum.