Remixes: Cash Cash – Devil feat. Busta Rhymes, B.o.B & Neon Hitch

Cash Cash’s hit ‘Devil’ with rap stars Busta Rhymes and B.o.B and vocalist Neon Hitch is their latest record to receive the remix treatment.  The six track EP is featuring remixes from Chuckie & Diamond Pistols, Paris & Simo, Wiwek, Jenaux, Swagg R’Celious, and Noodles.  Each artist offers their own take on the track adding some new flavor to the already catchy record.

Up first is Dirty Dutch legend Chuckie and Diamond Pistols.  Chuckie is known for his up-tempo, hard hitting beats that keep crowds jumping for hours.  This remix is perfect for the upcoming winter festivals since it increases the BPM of the original, while still keeping the haunting vocals provided by Neon Hitch.  This remix really hits its stride at the second drop when the beat comes through; one that will easily keep fans happy when they hear it coming through the speakers.

The next remix, and probably my favorite on the EP, is provided by Paris & Simo.  Paris & Simo are known for their Progressive House style that gradually builds to the peaks as opposed to rushing to get there.  This style is still on example in their remix of Devil.  In their remix, they really focus on Neon Hitch’s lyrics to take the song to the top while their amazing synth work lies underneath and sets the scene and provide a song that will keep everyone on the dance floor happy.

Mr. Jungle Terror himself, Wiwek, is responsible for the next take on Cash Cash’s hit. Wiwek has become immensely popular in the past year or so with his unrelenting, hard hitting beats that have become staples in Trap and Dubstep sets.  It is not a surprise that he continues to his library of hits with a quality Trap remix of ‘Devil.’  One of the few artists that focused on B.o.B’s lyrics to open the record is a nice refresher, but where this remix stands out is in the amazing snare work and bouncy style that keeps you grooving and will definitely cause some “Trap Arms” to be thrown.

The remix from Jenaux is probably the record that varies the most from the original version.  Jenaux is an NYC-based producer who has really broken onto the scene this year with his Progressive House sounds and quality production levels.  This remix really illustrates his ability.  It brings together a unique, House/Trap blend that is a really encouraging sign of things to come from the youngster.

Another heavy Trap remix is brought to us by SwaggR’Celious and it does hit hard.  Swagg R’Celious taps into his Southern roots to deliver a record that sounds like it came straight out of Atlanta’s Rap scene, as it should sound with two amazing rappers like Busta Rhymes and B.o.B.  His remix has just enough of the original record’s style and just enough of the Southern Rap influence that it is sure to garner support from fans of either style.

The final remix on the EP comes from Noodles and gives ‘Devil’ the Big Room treatment.  When I heard that Chuckie produced one of the remixes on the EP, I assumed that it would have been this one.  Noodles creates a record that really delivers when it comes to an up-tempo, fist-pumping, jumping hit.  If you are looking for the Big Room style to go along with the lyrics from the original, then look no further, Noodles has made that track for you.

These remixes are available for purchase now.