Deadmau5 lashes out at Sunburn Festival in India

Deadmau5 lashing out is no surprise to the EDM community; he often freely voices his opinion without any filter. This time, this holds true with his most recent stab towards India’s iconic Sunburn Music Festival.

A fan of Deadmau5 asked him on twitter if he’s going to be performing in India at the end of the year. Deadmau5′ reply took us by surprise.

Sunburn, whose reputation is the of the highest echelon in India, and is responsible for bringing big time acts to the region, was criticised by Deadmau5. Apparently the Canadian is done with Sunburn’s promoters, scolding them for not have any clue about their job.

A silver lining to this is that Deadmau5 appears to actually want to come back at some point, either with some other festival, or on his own accord. Deadmau5 also included in his tweet that the fans are the greatest part of the electronic music scene in India, a statement that all the Indian fans should be proud of.

However, at the end of it all, fans have learnt to take Deadmau5′ words with a grain of salt. We are sure that Sunburn will still deliver a stellar experience with the likes of KSHMR and Martin Garrix taking over the decks.


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