Why are deaths in EDM world on the rise? How can we avoid them?

Drug related deaths are on the rise with casualties of overheating, dehydration–is ecstacy to blame or is it just the cost of doing EDM business?

One of the most frequently heard news snippets in the EDM world is someone losing his/her life during festivals or concerts, succumbing either to drugs or other causes. So whom should we really blame? The organizers? Or is it really the drugs?

There is no question that the number of deaths attributable to controlled substances is on the rise. Many of today’s festival deaths came after revelers showed symptoms (dehydration, overheating) associated with taking MDMA, or Molly, the purest form of ecstasy commonly found at EDM events. Recent news of a young woman’s death in India due to suffocation at a Skrillex concert has gone viral, putting the organizers and security in to question.

Concerts which are a form of entertainment are becoming dangerous for people. The rising toll of deaths over the last 3 years is becoming a serious issue which we have to tackle smartly. These deaths can be avoided if we take the right measures and precautions.

It’s sad that this EDM culture is growing into a DRUGCULTURE and presenting itself with more deaths every year. “How can we stop or avoid this?” The solution to this is still a BIG mystery which needs to be solved as soon as possible. Solving this is the only way we can make our beautiful culture safe and enjoyable.

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