Dimitri Vegas auditions for Jonas & Van Geel and steals the show

Who would have ever wondered that a DJ from Belgium can become a Hollywood actor some day? Not me. However, after Dimitri Vegas’s appearance on the TV show “Jonas & Van Geel”, I thought wrong.

One half of this year’s #1 DJ’s in the world had his acting debut on the Belgian show in which Dimitri Vegas actually did a masterful job. From being Darth Vader to being a shark from the movie “Jaws”, Dimitri Vegas did not only act great but added some comedy as well.

The video consists of different acting segments starting from the Star Wars part along with other scenes from “The Shining”, “The Godfather”, “Forrest Gump”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Ghost”, and “The Wolf of Wall Street”, in which the DJ acted Matthew McConaughey’s humming and chest-pounding scene from the movie. The highlight of the video, however, is toward the end where Dimitri Vegas acted impeccably as a certain villain famous for the line, “Why so serious?”.

From Star Wars to The Godfather, The Dark Knight and many more… Watch Dimitri’s live acting audition on Jonas & Van Geel.

Posted by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike on Thursday, 22 October 2015