DJ Mag posts an analysis of its controversial 2015 Poll

Even a few days after the announcements during the Amsterdam Music Festival, the dance music world is still buzzing about DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ’s list. Most of the conversations headline Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s controversial win that many people believe was simply bought as well as the diminishing value of the list itself. Some people now believe that DJ Mag’s poll is nothing but a popularity contest, meaning that it somewhat undermines the votes that go toward the DJ’s which people actually love and listen to.

On the bright side, however, numerous fans are also talking about the breakthrough, for instance, of Indian-American producer KSHMR or future house extraordinaire Oliver Helden’s rise to #12 on the list. Despite all of the downsides of this list, there is still light in the tunnel as particular DJ’s such as KSHMR and Heldens actually deserve their spots after both having such a breakout year.

DJ Mag recently posted an article on their website which analyzes the 2015 poll results covering as much ground as possible. The article highlights some of the results’ biggest statistics such as the 30% Dutch DJ’s who were included on the list and the 22+ other countries represented by their respective DJ’s. The highest voted duo was also mentioned, which happens to be the #1 voted overall as well. Despite their questionable promotional acts, namely the iPad voting at Tomorrowland and Charlie Sheen’s appearance on their videos, DJ Mag does make a valid point that the reason behind the Belgian duo’s #1 spot is because they were still quickly selling out their events and pleasing its massive crowds. Other highlights include the aforementioned DJ’s KSHMR and Oliver Heldens who made their great leaps this year and the only voted female DJ’s on the list, which consist of NERVO, Krewella, and Miss K8.

You can check out more information in the article here.